Administration Services

There are a number of administrative tasks that are often best out-sourced. Reasons for outsourcing include the volume of work (either too small to warrant employing staff, or too large to be easily handled), the type of work (too specialised, or too different to the core competences of the business), the cost (too costly to provide in-house), or, more typically, a combination of these reasons.

As well as providing fairly standard back-office administration services, such as virtual office and virtual PA services, which include telephone answering, the handling of email and postal mail and general office administrative support, we also offer more specialised administrative services, such as account management, post-sales support, book-keeping and payroll.

We use technologies such as VOIP telephony services, online video-conferencing, online CRM and trading systems, cloud-based content- and document-management systems, to liaise efficiently and effectively with our clients and third parties that they work with.

Depending on the volume and type of work required, we either share the work amongst a team, or assign dedicated staff to it.