Software Solutions

There are a number of “off-the shelf” applications that we use in the running of our business and that of our clients (some open-source, some not): these include video-conferencing applications such as Skype, document-sharing systems such as DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive, content- and document-management systems such as Microsoft Sharepoint and Alfresco and email/calendar/contact sharing using Microsoft Exchange or Google Apps.

In addition, there are a number of software platforms which we use in our work, such as web content management systems (mainly WordPress and Drupal), video management (Kaltura, Youtube), and FileMaker for desktop databases of various kinds.

However, despite our care not to go down the path of re-inventing the wheel, sometimes a bespoke application is called for. Our understanding of our clients’  business processes together with our in-house skills in software development mean that we are perfectly placed to develop bespoke solutions when these are required.

We are careful to use technologies that are well-supported, and where possible use open-source components and frameworks. We have particular experience in  bespoke online trading platforms.